Why Come for Counselling?

Counselling offers an opportunity to understand difficulties, make choices and see the way forward. This can be difficult to believe if you are one of those people who thinks, “I should be able to sort myself out…”, “I shouldn’t need to ask for help…” or “No one will understand how I feel…”

However, it’s a fair guess that the reason you’re looking at this website is that you’re recognising that there’s something in your life that you’re struggling with, or something that you’re looking for that you’re not getting. You may be looking to see what help could be available but also worrying at the same time that you will find it difficult to talk to a stranger. This is an understandable reaction, particularly for people attending counselling or therapy for the first time. It can feel different to anything you have done before. It can feel different in the way that you relate to a therapist, in the things to talk about to the therapist and also in the kind of feelings that may start to surface.

On the other hand, some people are surprised at how freeing it feels to talk about personal issues to someone who isn’t involved in their life and they find that they can talk easily as they don’t have to worry about upsetting friends and family, or feel responsible for other people’s reactions. However you react; it is clear that counselling and therapy offers a special kind of relationship, which allows people to explore whatever they wish.

You may not know at the beginning what it is that you want to talk about and just feel a sense of wanting something to change. You may be feeling depressed or anxious and know that you want to feel differently. You may wish help with finding fresh perspectives, identifying belief systems that are unhelpful and developing strategies for coping with change. Or you may be quite clear about what changes you’re seeking but need some support in how to manage this. You may wish help with motivation to keep trying, appreciation of your effort and the progress you make, or find ways to develop your ability to live the life you want. Counselling can help you to make a difference.